It’s currently 1:37 am. At the time of writing this I should probably be asleep. The slight pain at the back of my head is telling me I should definitely be asleep. But there’s something keeping me awake. I think within every single person on planet Earth there is a story. It may not necessarilyContinue reading “ISOLATION”


Since the beginning of 2020’s infamous lockdown I, and probably quite a lot of you reading this, have spent an inconceivable amount of time in my bedroom. Be it sleeping, playing animal crossing for 13 hours straight, watching any new show I can find, or just crying – my bedroom has become my own personalContinue reading “THE STATE OF MY ROOM”

Rainy Thoughts.

As I write this it’s currently 5:53 am on Thursday the 18th of June. As far as I’m aware, we have been in quarantine for roughly 12 decades and yet somehow, everything is still quite fucked. Despite the fact that it’s June, i’m sitting happily with the living room door open – and the morningContinue reading “Rainy Thoughts.”

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