BABY PANNA: Inside The Mind of a Portsmouth Rapper

Creativity can be a difficult concept to think about. Simple moments of genius can change the future of a person’s career, their life, or even shape the way society evolves. From cavemen discovering fire 1.5 million years ago, to Mark Zuckerberg creating a little website called ‘TheFacebook’ in 2004, creation is the cornerstone of humanityContinue reading “BABY PANNA: Inside The Mind of a Portsmouth Rapper”

In Review: Joker

Todd Phillips’ Joker is an unapologetic dive into the rise of one of DC Comic’s most revered villains. In an adaptation of the character, here referred to as ‘Arthur Fleck’, Joaquin Phoenix takes the titular role, following on from Jared Leto’s portrayal in Suicide Squad. Phoenix’s performance is encapsulating as his physicality is often veryContinue reading “In Review: Joker”